We are thrilled to introduce a feature that redefines how users interact with our platform—Activity Cards. This innovative addition is your window to a consolidated view of essential updates, designed to streamline your experience and empower you with real-time insights. They empower users to stay up to date on critical changes in real-time. No more delays, or navigating to different modules. The impact is real-time awareness that enhances your decision-making capabilities.

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These cards bring the action to you. You can respond, edit, and manage opportunities, appointments, contact preferences, and invoices, all without the hassle of shifting from one panel to another. The result is a more streamlined, efficient, and effortless user experience. 

Option 1 - Opportunities

Activity cards are populated as soon as a new opportunity is created, updated, or deleted. It ensures you are aware of potential leads from the very inception, keeping you perpetually in the loop. With a simple click on 'View Opportunity' within the card, you can dive right in and make real-time changes, right from where you are.

Option 2 - Appointments

Anytime an appointment is created, rescheduled, or even canceled, you'll find an activity card in the conversation panel. This feature is designed to keep you perpetually updated without the need to juggle multiple screens. By clicking 'View Appointment' within the card, you can seamlessly edit the appointment details, all while staying rooted in the conversation panel.

Option 3 - Do Not Disturb (DND)

Activity cards notify you the moment a contact is marked as "Do Not Disturb" or is removed from the DnD list. These cards provide clarity and keep you informed about the current contact preference.

Option 4 - Invoices

Whether an invoice is sent to a contact or payment is received, the relevant activity card will pop up. With a simple click on 'View Invoice,' you'll be seamlessly redirected to a new tab where you can explore the detailed invoice.