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Introducing our brand-new feature: Certificates integrated with courses! This enhancement allows location users to send customized certificates for course completion. Learners will receive email notifications with links to access and download their certificates. It's a fantastic way to acknowledge and celebrate your learners' accomplishments.


Issue a Certificate

To issue a certificate on course completion, follow the below steps:

  • Choose a product (Course) for which you want to issue a certificate (Memberships > Courses > Products)
  • Go to Certificates Tab
  • Click on Attach 
  • Select a template to attach
  • Category will be selected as Course Completion (by default)
  • Click on Save
  • Once saved, all new learners of the course will receive the certificate automatically, via email, each time they complete the specific course
  • All issued certificate details will be available under the Certificates tab (Memberships > Certificates)

Note - Only one certificate can be attached for course completion at one point of time. To add a new template, edit and choose new template, or delete the attached template and add a new one


  • What happens if I mark a certificate as inactive for a specific course?
    The certificates would not be sent out automatically, after course completion to learners, unless marked as Active again

  • How to stop sending certificates on course completion to a specific learner?
    Go to the Sites  > Memberships >  Certificates > Issued Certificates > Click on three dots and then click Revoke Access for the specific learner. Once the access is revoked, the learner cannot access the previously sent certificates.

  • Can learners share their certificates publicly?
    Yes, all learners can copy their certificates link and share