Disclaimer : This is not legal advice. This help article is for informational purposes only. Always consult with your own legal counsel. 

  1. What is personal data?
    1. Any information which are related to an identified or identifiable natural person
  2. Where can personal data be collected?
    1. Funnels & Websites
  3. Pre-requisites
    1. Privacy policy should be displayed during obtaining the personal data
    2. Get your customer's consent to process their personal data or make sure you have a legal basis for doing so.
  4. How to get consent from your customers
    1. Forms & Forms embedded on websites or funnels
    2. Surveys & Surveys embedded on websites or funnels
    3. Webchat
    4. Calendars & calendars embedded in funnels or websites
    5. Order forms embedded in funnels or websites
  5. How can you track your "legal basis" for processing customer's personal data if they have not expressly consented to the processing
    1. Create a tag for it and apply it to such contacts (where it applies) either manually or by means of an automation