We're excited to announce an enhanced feature that enables agency users to filter sub-accounts based on their email provider.

Currently supported providers include LeadConnector, Mailgun, and others (excluding LC and Mailgun, such as Gmail and SMTP).

Filtering Sub-Accounts:

Now, users have the ability to filter sub-accounts based on three key criteria:

  • Provider: Easily filter sub-accounts by specifying the provider they belong to.
  • Domain: Filter sub-accounts by their associated domain name.
  • Email Verification: Filter sub-accounts based on their email verification status, whether it’s enabled or not.

Different Providers:

We’ve organized the filtering process for two main providers, LC and Mailgun, and Others.


  • Filter sub-accounts specifically under LC.
  • Change the domain for selected sub-accounts.
  • Enable or disable email verification as needed.


  • Filter sub-accounts under Mailgun.
  • Switch the provider to LC for selected sub-accounts.
  • Modify the Mailgun domain for the chosen sub-accounts.


  • For sub-accounts not falling under LC or Mailgun, filter them by selecting “Others.”
  • Change the provider to LC for these sub-accounts.

This feature provides more flexibility and customization options for managing sub-accounts email services efficiently.