Discover the hidden story behind your members' journey with Membership Analytics. Dive deep into their progress, engagement, and achievements, and unlock the key to shaping an extraordinary membership experience.

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What is Member Analytics?

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What is Member Analytics?

Member Analytics is a powerful tool that provides course creators with detailed information about their members' activities and progress. It allows creators to track member engagement, including login frequency and course completion rates, and gain insights into member behavior. With this knowledge, creators can personalize the learning experience, optimize course content, and make data-driven decisions to enhance member satisfaction and success. Member Analytics helps creators understand their members better and shape their courses to meet their needs.

Practical Usage Cases:

Member Engagement Tracking: By utilizing Member Analytics, course creators can monitor member engagement and identify patterns in member activity. For example, they can track the number of logins per member, the frequency of course access, and the average time spent on each lesson. This information helps creators identify highly engaged members and take actions to motivate further and support them.

Example: A fitness course creator notices that a particular member logs in daily, completes all lessons, and spends extra time on bonus content. This high level of engagement indicates a dedicated member who may be a potential candidate for advanced courses or personalized coaching.

Course Progress Monitoring: Member Analytics allows creators to track the progress of individual members in their courses. They can see which lessons or modules members have completed and identify areas where members may struggle or fall behind. This insight helps creators provide targeted support and intervention to keep members on track.

Example: A language learning course creator observes that a member has completed all beginner-level lessons but has not progressed to intermediate-level content. This prompts the creator to reach out to the member with personalized recommendations for next-level lessons or additional resources to encourage their progress.

Course Improvement and Personalization: By analyzing member data in Member Analytics, course creators can identify trends and patterns that inform course improvement and personalization. They can locate popular lessons, frequently accessed resources, or areas where members drop off. This enables creators to make data-driven decisions to enhance course content, address member needs, and deliver a more tailored learning experience.

Example: An online cooking course creator notices that members consistently struggle with a particular cooking technique based on incomplete lesson progress. In response, the creator adds video tutorials and step-by-step guides to help members master the method, improving the overall learning experience.

Offer Optimization: Member Analytics provides insights into the performance of different offers within a membership program. Creators can track revenue generated from each offer, compare their conversion rates, and analyze member behavior within specific offers. This information helps creators optimize their offers, create targeted promotions, and refine pricing strategies.

Example: A digital marketing course creator notices that a particular offer has a high conversion rate and generates significant revenue. They decided to create a limited-time promotion for this offer, offering a discount to attract more members and capitalize on its popularity.

By leveraging Member Analytics, course creators can gain valuable insights into member behavior, improve course content, enhance member engagement, and optimize their membership program. This data-driven approach leads members to a more personalized and impactful learning experience, ultimately driving their success and satisfaction.

Benefits of this feature:

Actionable Insights: Member Analytics provides valuable data and insights about member engagement, progress, and behavior. Course creators can leverage these insights to make informed decisions and take targeted actions to improve member experience and drive better outcomes.

Personalized Support: With Member Analytics, course creators can identify members struggling or falling behind in their courses. By pinpointing specific areas of improvement, creators can provide personalized support, guidance, and resources to help members overcome challenges and succeed.

Course Optimization: By analyzing member data, creators can uncover trends, patterns, and preferences within their courses. This enables them to optimize course content, identify popular topics, and tailor their offerings to meet their members' evolving needs and interests.

Revenue Growth: Member Analytics helps creators track revenue generated from different offers and pricing strategies. By analyzing conversion rates and member behavior, creators can refine their offers, promotions, and pricing models to maximize revenue and profitability.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Member Analytics empowers course creators to make data-driven decisions based on real-time insights. They can track member progress, assess the effectiveness of their content, and make strategic adjustments to enhance the learning experience and drive member satisfaction.

Member Retention: By understanding member engagement and progress, creators can proactively identify members at risk of dropping out or disengaging. With this knowledge, they can implement retention strategies, such as targeted communication, personalized offers, or additional support, to keep members motivated and committed to their learning journey.

Continuous Improvement: Member Analytics provides a feedback loop for course creators to improve their offerings continuously. By monitoring member data and soliciting feedback, creators can iterate on their courses, address pain points, and deliver an exceptional learning experience that keeps members coming back for more.

Scalability and Growth: With the insights gained from Member Analytics, course creators can scale their membership programs and fuel growth. By understanding member preferences, interests, and behavior, creators can expand their offerings, develop new courses, and attract a broader audience to drive business expansion.

How to use this feature?

  1. Access the Member Analytics: Navigate to the Analytics section in Sites> Membership> Analytics> Member Analytics.

  2. Explore the List View: In the Member Analytics interface, you will typically find a list view that displays key details about your members. This includes their names, email addresses, membership start dates, last accessed dates, logins, and overall progress. Use the list view to get an overview of member engagement and identify any notable trends or patterns.

  3. Filter and Sort Data: Utilize the filtering and sorting options available in the Member Analytics interface. You can filter data based on specific products or offers, allowing you to focus on particular segments of your membership program.

    Additionally, sorting options can help you arrange member data based on their membership start dates, allowing you to analyze trends over time.

  4. Dig into Member Progress: Click on the eye icons next to a member's analytics row to access more detailed information about their progress. This will provide insights into their performance within specific products, sub-categories, and lessons. Review their names, email addresses, and last activity to understand their learning journey comprehensively.

  5. Analyze Progress and Engagement: Examine each member's progress bars or percentage indicators to assess their overall progress in the membership program. Take note of any areas where members may be struggling or excelling. Use this information to identify patterns and trends that can guide your decision-making, such as adjusting course content or providing targeted support.

  6. Monitor Product and Category Progress: Toggle between different products and categories to analyze the progress of your members in each specific area. This allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your courses and identify popular topics or categories that resonate with your audience. Leverage this information to optimize your content and develop future offerings.

  7. Mark Posts as Complete: Within the Member Analytics interface, Users can mark specific categories or lessons as completed for members. This provides valuable feedback on their engagement and progress. This check box will allow the user to mark a specific category (or lesson) as Completed. Once marked as completed, the bar will show the effective changes (for individual categories and Product performance).

  8. Update Offers: If needed, use the option to update your existing offers within the Member Analytics interface. This enables you to add or remove offers or make other adjustments to align with your evolving business strategies and member needs.


Q: Can I track the progress of individual members within specific categories or lessons?

A: Yes, with the Member Analytics feature, you can delve into the progress of individual members and see how they are performing within specific categories or lessons. This allows you to gain a detailed understanding of their learning journey and provide targeted support if needed.

Q: Is it possible to compare the progress of different products or categories?

A: Absolutely! The Member Analytics feature allows you to compare the progress of different products or categories within your membership program. This enables you to identify popular topics, track member engagement, and make informed decisions about content development and future offerings.

Q: Can I mark specific categories or lessons as completed for my members?

A: Yes, you can mark specific categories or lessons as completed within the Member Analytics interface. This provides valuable feedback on member engagement and progress, allowing you to track their learning achievements and tailor your support accordingly.

Q: How can I update my existing offers based on member performance and preferences?

A: The Member Analytics feature lets you easily update your existing offers to align with member performance and preferences. By analyzing member progress and engagement, you can make informed decisions about pricing, content additions or removals, and overall offer optimization.

Q: Is it possible to track member login frequency and overall engagement?

A: Absolutely! The Member Analytics feature provides valuable insights into member logins and overall engagement. You can monitor the number of times members have logged in, their last access dates, and their overall progress within the membership program. This helps you understand member behavior and tailor your strategies accordingly.