Our latest update is designed to keep you more connected and engaged with your courses and the learning community. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most out of this new feature.


Stay Connected with Comments

Receive Instant Notifications

  • Never miss a beat in your learning journey! You will now receive instant notifications whenever someone comments on a course you're enrolled in or replies to one of your comments. This ensures you're always in the loop and can participate in discussions promptly.

Facilitate Smoother Interactions

  • This feature is all about fostering a vibrant learning community. By keeping you informed of new comments and replies, interactions within courses become more dynamic and engaging, enhancing your learning experience.

Unlocked Content Notifications

Never Miss Out on New Content

  • When a post or category that was previously locked becomes accessible, learners will receive a notification right away. This means you're always updated on the latest content available to you, ensuring you don't miss out on valuable learning opportunities.

Timely Access to Drip Content

Stay Informed on Content Releases

  • Drip content helps pace your learning, but waiting for it without knowing when it’ll be available can be frustrating. With Course Notifications, learners will be notified the moment new drip content is released in your courses, allowing you to access fresh materials right when they're available.

Enabling Instructor-Learner Interactions

Enhanced Communication with Instructors

  • A key part of learning is interaction with instructors, and this feature takes it to the next level. Instructors will now receive notifications for learner comments, making it easier for them to respond and engage. This fosters a better connection and communication flow between learners and instructors.
    Instructors will receive their notifications in