Have you ever been in a situation where you're trying to get somebody in membership, or you want to get them in quickly, and they've lost their password, or they can't figure out how to log in? A Memberships magic link is the one-click solution for that. The fastest way to get your customers and users into your membership courses is if they forget their username or password.

Please note:

Newly created locations currently do not have access to Membership Magic Links. You can, however, create magic links in the Client Portal. Go to "Sites" > "Client Portal" > "Dashboard" to generate magic links for your clients.

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What is a Magic link in Memberships?

What are the benefits of Membership Magic Links?

What are some excellent usage cases for Membership Magic Links?

How to create Magic Links?


Can Magic Links expire?

Does a contact need access to an offer for a magic link to work for them?

When testing, when I click on a magic link, it shows all the courses the contact should not have access to.

The magic link is designed to side-step having to use a username and password to log in. Once logged in, clients will see whatever "products" you/they have been granted access to. It is meant to give clients access only to the products they have been granted access to.

Please Note:

If you’re using the magic link while logged in as your agency admin account, you’ll see all the available courses for that sub account. 

Membership sites can be great for sharing valuable content with your customers or users. However, sometimes logging in can be a hassle, especially if someone forgets their password. That's where Membership magic links come in. These one-click links allow your clients to quickly and easily access your courses without remembering their usernames or password. Whether sending out the link via email or using it as a custom menu link, Membership magic links make it easy to grant access to your courses to those who need it. Just be sure only to share the link with those granted access to your content. So, if you're looking for a hassle-free way to get your customers into your courses, consider using Membership magic links.

What are the benefits of Membership Magic Links?

The benefits of Membership Magic Links can be summarized into two main points:

Simplified login process: Magic links eliminate users needing to remember their login credentials, making it quick and easy for them to access your membership site.

Improved security and convenience: Magic links are a secure and convenient way to grant access to your membership site. They are only valid for a limited time and can be accessed from any device. This can help protect your content and make it more accessible to users.

What are some excellent usage cases for Membership Magic Links?

Membership Magic Links can be helpful in a variety of scenarios, including:

Password resets: If a user forgets their login credentials, you can send them a magic link to access their account without resetting their password.

Inviting new members: You can send a magic link to invite new members to join your membership site, making it easy for them to sign up and access your content.

Email marketing: You can use Magic links in your email marketing campaigns to give users a quick and easy way to access your membership site and its content.

Promotions and sales: You can offer special promotions and sales to users by sending them a magic link to access discounted content or products.

Multi-device access: Magic links can provide users quick access to your membership site from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How to create Magic Links?

To create Magic Links, head to Memberships > Courses > Settings

From there, go to Site Details

If you do not have a Magic link there already, Click on Regenerate Magic Link:

Please Note:

We have 2 kinds of magic Links, User and Learner.
Learner's Magic Link: useful when shared with a contact. Comes in handy inside emails etc.
User's Magic Link: Useful for location users. Comes in handy in cases where the agency wants to share a course with a number of locations and locations users will take the course. Can be used as a custom menu link in a sidebar.

{{ contact. email }}  will generate a magic link for learners (regular courses like "Learn zoomba with Maggie")
{{user. email}} will generate magic links for internal users (internal courses like "Welcome to Your Agency

Both use cases are significant. Showing both fields is the simplest way to communicate this to the sub-account.

Once your magic link is populated in the field above, click Copy to copy it to your clipboard.

Then go to your Memberships workflow's email template or the email builder membership template and either paste the magic link as it is into the message body. Or highlight some words you want people to click on and link them to the magic link.

Please Note:

If you are using a workflow to send out the Memberships magic link, please make sure that the workflow is fired off by the Membership New Signup trigger so that the workflow can populate the required custom values in the email.

Paste your magic link in the URL field:

In the "Open link in" dropdown, choose whether you want the magic link to open the memberships portal in the Current or a New Window. Then click on Save.

Please Note:

Magic links should only be shared with prior consent. Anyone with the link will be able to access your course material


Magic Link can expire If you generate a new one. Older ones will be invalid.

It doesn't work for contacts who don't have a membership offer granted to them.

When testing, when I click on a magic link, it shows all the courses the contact should not have access to.

This is an Agency Admin privilege; when you click on a Magic Link being an Agency admin, it auto logs you in as someone with access to all courses. If you want to do some testing, try opening a magic link in incognito.