The Zapier LeadConnector integration action "add Account" will be deprecated after 31st Jan. 2022


To create new account via public API please follow the guide below

Please Note:

If you would like to automate account creation within HighLevel (without Zapier) please check out the GHL SaaS Guide (Pro Plan Required)

Zapier Setup Guide

1. Head into your agency settings and grab your Agency API Key

To create a new location under your agency you will need to use Agency API Keys. To find your API Keys please head into your Agency View -> Settings -> API Keys -> Click to copy API key

Please note:

If you do not see the API key please create a new key by clicking on the "+ Create New" button (orange arrow)

2. Once you have copied the Agency API Key, log into Zapier and create a new "Zap"

Step 2.1: The first step in your zap will be the action/ event that will trigger zapier to create the account in HighLevel. This action/event can be a LeadConnector action like; pipeline change, add/ update opportunity etc. (see all internal actions here) or we can use Zapier's "capture webhook" action. 

For the example below we will be using Zapier's "capture webhook" action . Please copy your webhook URL and proceed to next step (2.2) below.

Please Note:

To use Zapier webhooks (premium) please sign up for a paid plan.

Step 2.2: Next, lets setup a NEW workflow in HighLevel that will execute the Zapier webhook that we just created. 

The first step in our workflow is an order form called "Account Creation Form". Next, click on the + and search and select "webhook" action (see image below). 

Once you have setup your form and webhook, please test the webhook before proceeding to the next step. To test your webhook please submit the form at least once with some dummy contact data.

Please Note:

If you do not submit the form at least once, zapier will not have the data it requires for the next step which is creating a new location

Step 2.3: Lets jump back into Zapier and add a the second step to our zap. 

Select webhooks again but this time choose "POST" request as Action Event.

3. Now lets setup the "Payload Type" and "Data Fields"

Select "Payload Type" as Json and map "Data fields" with the data submitted in step 1 from your webhook.

The image below is an example of few fields but you can visit this link to see a list of all supported variables here 

Please note:

If you do not see any data for the "input fields" please head back to your workflow and submit the form at least once. 

4. Now lets add the Authorization Headers 

Please add "Authorization" as your Header title, then type the word "Bearer" -> add one space then your agency API key from the first step

5. Hit Continue and run your test