The steps in this article are for Advanced Integration and for informational purposes only. 

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Please Note:

The API URL endpoints: 
- Create Contact:
- Add/Update Opportunity:

Data Fields

“email”: “”,
“phone”: “+18887324197”,
“firstName”: “John”,
“lastName”: “Deo”,
“tags”: [
“commodo sed aliquip”,
“ut exercitation sunt”


Q1) I'm seeing duplicate contacts coming in from Manychat ? How do I sync HighLevel with Manychat

To avoid Manychat duplicate contacts in HighLevel, please watch the video below

Using External Request to update contact instead of duplicating contact



Content-Type = application/json


"first_name": {{first_name|fallback:""|to_json:true}},
"last_name": {{last_name|fallback:""|to_json:true}},
"email": {{email|fallback:""|to_json:true}},
"phone": {{phone|fallback:""|to_json:true}}