To create 301 redirects, go to "Sites" > "URL Redirects" (in the top navigation menu)

The URL Redirect feature gives you four options for redirecting a domain:
  1. Redirect to another URL
  2. Redirect to a step in a funnel 
  3. Redirect to a page in a website
  4. Redirect to all paths (REGEX)

Redirect Type: URL

Redirect one URL to a another url

The domain you are redirecting from must already be added to your HighLevel sub-account.

In the "Path" field, follow the placeholder example, including a "/" in the field followed directly with the new path after the "/". 

The "Target URL" needs be a full, valid URL.

Redirect Type: Funnel 

The Funnel redirect, allows you to 301 redirect a url to a step in an existing funnel that is linked with a domain within the subaccount.

Redirect Type: website 

Website redirect allows you to 301 redirect a url to a HighLevel Website page. Only those websites that are linked to a domain can be used here.

Redirect Type: ALL

Redirect all paths from one URL to all paths of another URL. It is particularly useful when you have a "www" domain ( and a root domain ( wherein you can keep all of your paths on one website within HighLevel (e.g. and then redirect all paths from to the root domain, thereby including without having to add a redirect for each path or maintain two websites. 
*This is also known as a REGEX redirect.