In this article, we will cover how to integrate Facebook Leads Ads directly into the CRM without using Zapier. Before we get started make sure to check the pre-requisite list below: 

Covered in this article:

Pre-requisites for Facebook Lead Ads

How to directly integrate Facebook Leads Ads with Your Sub-Account


Pre-requisites for Facebook Lead Ads

- LeadConnector will need access to the Facebook Business Manager and Business Page where you are running the Facebook Lead Ad from

- The user who is trying to ingrate the Facebook Page to the CRM will need to be an admin of the Facebook Business page and have Lead Access Permission in order to get access to lead data (Requirement set by Facebook)

How to directly integrate Facebook Leads Ads with Your Sub-Account

Facebook form mapping has moved under location settings > integrations > Facebook Form Field Mapping

Currently, these custom fields are supported in Facebook Lead Ads:

  • TEXT
  • DATE


Why are my Lead Ads not making it into my Sub-Account?

  1. Are you an admin of the Facebook page - How to add an admin to my Business Manager

  2. Is the FB Page connected with multiple Sub-Accounts?
    Having your page connected to multiple Sub-Accounts will affect Lead ads, reviews, and messages across the system.

  3. Can you confirm that the correct FB Lead Ad form is the one selected in your Facebook ads manager and matches the one in your Sub-Account? -

  4. Now in your Sub-Account check in settings> integrations > facebook form fields mapping if there is a blue tick mark next to the form you have selected in ads manager.

  5. If you are in fact the FB Admin, can you try this to confirm if Lead Connector is accessible and can allow access to your page?

Link mentioned in the video -

6. Once you have completed the steps in the video above, please use the Facebook leads ads testing tool to see if leads are now being added to your Sub-Account. The article explains how to troubleshoot using the Facebook leads ads testing tool - Leads Ads Integration Is not Working anymore (TRY THIS)

Please Note:

When testing are you able to locate the App ID 39018126477806? 

If the app ID does not show up, then LeadConnector does not have access. If that is the case please continue to step 6 below.

7. If you see that LeadConnector access to your page has been revoked or the App ID not coming up, you will manually need to assign lead access permissions to LeadConnector on Facebook:

i. Go to Business Suite.

ii. If you don't have access to Business Suite, go to Business Settings and select your business, skip to step (v)

iii. Click the dropdown in the top-left corner and choose your business account.

iv. Click Settings in the bottom-left corner.

v. Click More Business Settings.

vi. Click Integrations in the left menu, then click Leads Access.

vii. Click Assign CRMs. You’ll see a list of CRM systems that have been integrated with your Facebook Page.

viii. Check the circle next to LeadConnector then click Assign.

Please Note:

The Page Admin who granted permissions to LeadConnector must continue to have access permission or else LeadConnector will fail to fetch data.