This guide provides comprehensive instructions on how to navigate and utilize the new Media Storage feature across GHL. If you need to manage your media files more efficiently, from uploading and organizing to accessing and sorting, this document will walk you through each function step-by-step.

Accessing Media Storage

To access Media Storage, navigate to the left sidebar of your dashboard. Click on the “Media Storage” icon. This new placement provides direct access, removing the need to go through settings or press extra buttons, making your workflow faster and more efficient.

Uploading Files

Upload files effortlessly by dragging and dropping them directly into Media Storage. The improved drag-and-drop functionality ensures a smooth and quick upload process.

Sorting Media

Organize your media files using the new sorting options:

        Sort by Name: Choose between A to Z or Z to A.

        Sort by Size: Select from Smallest First or Largest First.

        Sort by Modified Date: Opt for Newest First or Oldest First.

Grid/List View Options

Toggle between grid and list views to customize how you see your media files. This allows for better organization and easy access to your files.

Right-Click Dropdown Menu

Quickly access file options with the new right-click dropdown menu. Right-click on any media file to reveal options such as rename, delete, and more, for faster actions without navigating to the top bar.

Seamless Integration with GHL Products

Enjoy a consistent user experience across all GHL products. For example, Media Storage directly opens from funnel/website editor, eliminating the need for double-clicking and providing a more unified workflow.

New Modal Interface

Interact with a sleek new modal that doesn’t take up the full screen when media storage is opened from other GHL products. This provides a more pleasant and consistent experience across different entry points within the platform.


Q1: How do I access the new Media Storage?

A: You can access Media Storage directly from the left sidebar with a single click. There is no need to navigate through the old settings route or use the green button anymore.

Q2: Can I still use the grid and list views to organize my media?

A: Yes! You can choose between grid and list views to better organize your media according to your preference.

Q3: How does the drag-and-drop functionality work?

A: Simply drag your files from your computer and drop them into the Media Storage area. The enhanced drag-and-drop functionality makes it easier and more intuitive to upload files.

Q4: What sorting options are available in Media Storage?

A: You can sort your media by file size, name (A to Z, Z to A), size (smallest to largest, largest to smallest), and modified date (newest first, oldest first).

Q5: How do the right-click and hover dropdowns work?

A: Right-click on any media file to access a dropdown menu with various options. You can also hover over a file and click for quick actions, providing a more efficient way to manage your media.

Q6: Will Media Storage integrate with other GHL products?

A: Yes, Media Storage provides a consistent user experience across all GHL products. It will seamlessly integrate with other functionalities, such as funnel/website editor, without the need for double-clicking to open it.

Q7: What upcoming features can we expect in Media Storage?

A: Future updates will include improved layout for true aspect ratio, integration with other cloud storage providers like Google Drive, universal media storage across all GHL functionalities, multi-file support for batch actions, file download capabilities, and support for more file types.