The "Email Events" trigger initiates a workflow based on specific email-related events. This is useful for automating follow-up actions, notifications, and responses based on customer interactions with your emails.

Trigger Name

Email events

Trigger Description

The "Email Events" trigger activates a workflow whenever a specified email event occurs. Filters can be applied to specify conditions for the event, such as the type of email event or the workflow the email is part of.

How to Configure

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Workflow Triggers: Access the automation or workflow settings in your platform.

  2. Choose a Workflow Trigger: Select "Email Events" from the list of available triggers.
  3. Name Your Trigger: Enter a descriptive name for the trigger, such as "Email Events."
  4. Set Up Filters (Optional): Add filters to specify conditions for the trigger.

Configuration Table

Workflow TriggerSelect "Email Events" from the dropdown.Yes
Workflow Trigger NameEnter a name for your trigger, e.g., "Email Events."Yes
FiltersSpecify conditions to narrow down the trigger.No

Filter Details

Filter NameDescriptionExample Use Case
EventTriggers based on specific email events such as "opened," "clicked," "bounced," "complained," or "unsubscribed."Use this to trigger actions based on customer interactions with emails.
In workflowTriggers when the email event occurs within a specified workflow.Use this to ensure the trigger is activated only for email events within a specific workflow.

Event Filter Options

Event OptionDescription
Bounced - mailgun onlyTriggers when an email bounces (only for Mailgun).
ClickedTriggers when a link in the email is clicked.
Complained (SPAM)Triggers when a customer marks the email as spam.
OpenedTriggers when the email is opened.
UnsubscribedTriggers when a customer unsubscribes from the email list.


Follow-Up on Email Clicks

Scenario: A marketing team wants to automatically create an opportunity in the CRM when a customer clicks on a link in a proposal email, indicating interest.

Trigger Setup:

  • Trigger: Email Events
  • Name: Email Events
  • Filters:
    • Event: Clicked
    • In Workflow: Proposal Follow-Up

Workflow Actions:

  1. Create Opportunity: Automatically create an opportunity in the CRM with details from the customer's interaction.
  2. Internal Notification: Notify the sales team about the new opportunity.

Outcome: This automation ensures that positive interactions with proposal emails are promptly turned into opportunities, enabling the sales team to follow up efficiently and increase the chances of closing the deal.