We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Email Verification feature for our Forms and Surveys module. This new functionality allows form and survey participants to verify their email addresses directly within the form or survey, enhancing the integrity of the data collected and providing a more seamless user experience.

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Email Verification Button

A "Verify Email" button is now displayed next to the email input field in forms and surveys. This button is only visible after the user has entered a valid email address. Clicking this button sends a verification code to the entered email address, initiating the verification process.

Verification Code

Upon clicking the "Verify Email" button, users receive a unique verification code via email. This code must be entered back into the form or survey to confirm the email address. This step ensures that the email address provided is both valid and accessible by the user, thereby enhancing data accuracy.

How it works

  1. Email Entry: Users will enter their email address in the designated field of a form or survey.
  2. Verification Prompt: Upon entering a valid email, the "Verify Email" button will become visible next to the email input field.
  3. Send Verification Code: Clicking this button sends a unique verification code to the user's email address.
  4. Enter Verification Code: Users must enter this code back into the form or survey to verify their email address.
  5. Verification Confirmation: Once the code is entered correctly, the email address is verified and marked accordingly in the submission data.


Q1: Why should I use the email verification feature in my forms and surveys?

A: Implementing the email verification feature ensures that the email addresses collected are valid, reducing the likelihood of fake or incorrect submissions. This enhances the quality of your leads and ensures more reliable data for your marketing campaigns.

Q2: How does the email verification process improve data accuracy?

A: By requiring users to verify their email addresses through a unique code sent to their inbox, you can confirm that the provided email addresses are real and accessible. This reduces the chances of collecting inaccurate or fake email addresses, leading to more precise and effective marketing efforts.

Q3: Can I customize the verification email that is sent to users?

A: Currently, the verification email is standardized to ensure consistency and reliability. However, future updates may include options for customization. Stay tuned for updates on this feature.

Q4: How do I enable the email verification feature in my forms and surveys?

Athe : To enable email verification, navigate to the form or survey settings within the module, and toggle the email verification option in email field. The "Verify Email" button will then automatically appear next to the email input fields in your forms and surveys.

Q5: What happens if a user fails to verify their email address?

A: If a user does not complete the email verification process, their submission may not be accepted. This ensures that only submissions with verified email addresses are collected, maintaining the integrity of your data.

Q6: How can I track which email addresses have been verified?

A: The system includes a “Verified Email” field in the form and survey submissions. When an email is successfully verified, it will be marked as “Yes” under this field, allowing you to easily identify verified email addresses.