This documents covers how you can send payment links to your contacts where their details like name, email, phone number etc. already filled in, which enables a good customer experience and helps the sender to improve conversions.

What can you do while creating the payment link?

1. Business users now have the capability to choose multiple contacts and directly send out personalized payment-links to the contact via email & sms from editor by clicking on copy/send button on the top right.

2. Business user's can configure their own email and sms templates to send or even use the default template provided.

3. Along with this the business user also has an option to copy the standard link or choose a contact from the dropdown and get personalized payment link for the contact.

What will the receiver of the link see?

1. Once the user (receiver) opens up the payment-link from sent using the above template, they would have all their data like name, email, phone already filled in, making it a personalized payment experience.

How to Use it?

1. Go to Payments Tab -> Payment-Links -> Edit

2. In the top right corner one would be able to see a Copy / Send Button ( on saved links or post saving a new link)

Note - User needs to save a payment-link first and then this feature would be available, it would also be available for already saved links.

Limitations for personalized payment links?

1. You can send personalized payment links to a maximum of 50 contacts in bulk in one time

2. The personalized links will only be sent to the contact if the contact has a valid email Id and valid phone number associated to it.

3. The payment links won't be sent to the contacts if they have DND enabled.