• Previously, End Users or Customers could only accept full payments through the Invoices, there was no provision of partial payment for the end customer. With this new feature, Business Users can now set a minimum percentage of the total Invoice Amount to be collected from the end customer.
Partially Paid Status
Partial Payments Dashboard
  • The customer can pay any amount that is equal to or greater than the percentage amount specified from the Invoicing Dashboard of the subaccount .
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  • Feature available for both one-time and recurring invoices.
Why This Feature?
  • This feature empowers business owners with more control over the payment plans for their customers as well as helps them to capture more payments from their potential clients/customers.
  • For recurring invoices the partial payment as a feature is available for invoices that have autopayment disabled. In case of autopayment enabled and customer card it will have the option for partial payment for the first invoice but for the subsequent one's it would autodraft the full amount.
  • This feature introduces partial payments for end customers by allowing businesses to set minimum percentages for invoice payments, empowering them with greater flexibility and control over payment plans, ultimately enhancing client payment capture rates.
How to Use?
  • Ensure that a payment gateway (Stripe / Authorize.net / NMI) is integrated.
  • Go to Payments -> Invoices -> Invoices Settings.
  • From this page menu click on Payment Settings and enable the Partial Payments Toggle
  • Add a percentage in the input field (Percentage is calculated based on the total amount of the invoice amount to be paid).
  • Click on "Save." and Voila you now have Partial Payments Enabled !