Store owners can now place an element and configure certain collections to be shown on any page with store enabled. Along with this, store owners can now add images, and SEO information to their collections, hence enhancing the overall experience of using collections.
How to use:
  1. Configure your collection, with/without an image, and fill in the necessary details under 
    Payments -> Products -> Collections
    . The name, image, along with SEO title, SEO Description and Handle can be updated here.
  2. Navigate to the page builder of your store, and add the Collection List Element. This would be under the Store section in the elements.
  3. You would now see 3 default placeholder collections added with placeholder name and images. Click on the element to get the settings on the right, and configure all the necessary settings.
  • Fields such as heading, margin padding, colors, borders, fonts can be configured, just like any other element.
  • By default, the number of collections shown per row is 3. You can configure this number for both desktop and mobile using the Number of columns field, under the layout tab. The maximum would be 5 and 2 columns for desktop and mobile respectively.
  • If a heading is not required, simply keep the Headline field empty under Text options and the heading will be removed.
  1. In order to define a set of collections to be shown, click on any of the collections listed under 
     group, and a section will be shown where a collection can be selected. Upon selection, the selected collection item will reflect the name and image of the collection on the builder. Note: This step has to be done to show the real collections. Placeholder collections will not serve any purpose in a live site.
  2. Click on save/Publish to view your changes in your site!
Some key aspects:
  • If a collection image is present, the image would be shown for that particular collection. If an image is not present, the collection text is centred to the specific collection item with a background.
  • The image uploaded, along with the SEO details, will be used for adding respective SEO tags in the product list page with a collection filter.
image (1)
image (2)
image (3)