The "Create or Update Opportunity" action in your automation workflow is designed to manage opportunities within your sales pipeline. This feature allows you to automatically create or update opportunities based on predefined criteria, ensuring that your sales process is organised and efficient.

Action Name

Create Opportunity

Action Description

The "Create or Update Opportunity" action creates a new opportunity or updates an existing one within the selected pipeline and pipeline stage. This action helps in tracking leads and managing potential sales through different stages of your sales process.

Action Details

The details for configuring the "Create or Update Opportunity" action are as follows:

Value NameDescriptionMandatory
Action NameThe name you assign to this action for easy identification in your workflow.Yes
In PipelineThe specific sales pipeline where the opportunity will be created or updated.Yes
In Pipeline StageThe stage within the selected pipeline where the opportunity will be placed.Yes
Opportunity NameThe name assigned to the opportunity for easy identification.Yes
Opportunity SourceThe source of the opportunity, indicating where the lead came from.Yes
Lead ValueThe estimated value of the lead (optional).No
StatusThe current status of the opportunity (e.g., open, closed).Yes
Allow Opportunity to Move to Any Previous Stage in PipelineAllows the opportunity to be moved to any previous stage in the pipeline if needed.No
Allow Duplicate OpportunitiesAllows the creation of duplicate opportunities if a similar opportunity already exists.No

Example: Managing New Leads from a Calendar Appointment Funnel

Scenario: Your business wants to create an opportunity in the sales pipeline whenever a new lead comes in from the calendar appointment funnel. This ensures that every lead is tracked and managed properly through your sales process.

Solution using the "Create or Update Opportunity" action:

Trigger: The workflow starts when a new lead is generated from the calendar appointment funnel.

Action 1: Create Opportunity action to create a new opportunity in the pipeline.

Steps to Implement:

  • Add the Create Opportunity action to your workflow to be triggered when a new lead is generated.
  • Set the Action Name to "Create Opportunity".
  • Select the appropriate sales pipeline from the In Pipeline dropdown (e.g., "YOUR PROMOTION Pipeline").
  • Choose the initial stage for the opportunity from the In Pipeline Stage dropdown (e.g., "New Leads").
  • Set the Opportunity Name to something descriptive, such as "Deal 251 Opportunity".
  • Define the Opportunity Source to indicate where the lead came from, e.g., "Lead from Calendar Appointment Funnel".
  • Optionally, you can fill in the Lead Value if you have an estimated value for the lead.
  • Set the Status to "open".
  • Configure additional settings as needed:
  • Enable Allow Opportunity to Move to Any Previous Stage in Pipeline if you want the flexibility to move opportunities backward in the pipeline.
  • Enable Allow Duplicate Opportunities if your process allows for creating duplicate opportunities for similar leads.

Outcome: This automation ensures that every new lead from the calendar appointment funnel is automatically tracked as an opportunity in your sales pipeline. This helps in organising and managing your sales process effectively, ensuring no lead is overlooked.