Creating professional and symmetric emails can be challenging and time-consuming. This guide will show you how to save design elements and layouts for reuse, helping you maintain symmetry and consistency in your emails.

By following these tips, you can streamline your email creation process and ensure your emails always look polished and well-structured. Let's dive in!

In t
his Article, find the guide to:

1. Save elements/ sections or layouts
2. Rename these sections for better administration
3. Search the items for quick access

Steps to save an element or layout:

Step 1 | Navigate to the Marketing -> Email Marketing and open any Campaign/ Template

Step 2 | Create the Layout or Element you wish to save

Step 3 | Hover over the element or layout and click on the "Save" icon

Step 4| Access the element under the Saved Items section at right hand top
Please Note* This will be stored globally and available in builders for all existing or new email templates/ campaigns for quick access for that location*

Step 5| User can now also rename the elements for quick search by clicking on three dots and selecting "Rename"
Edit the text to desired name, in this example we have renamed it as "Preferred Header"

Step 6| Use the search bar to quickly access the required item