Communities themes allow you to customize the appearance of your group interface to match your preferences. Themes can be adjusted for both light and dark modes, and you can either choose from predefined themes or create your own custom theme.

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Admin/Owner View:
Accessing Theme Settings

Make sure to turn it on from Labs

To change your theme settings:

  1. Open Settings: Inside your community group, click on your right side bar and click on bottom “SETTINGS”.
  2. Navigate to themes: Select "Themes" from the sidebar.

Choosing a New Theme

If you use multiple groups, try selecting a different theme for each one to help you tell them apart. Your new theme will appear in the broser.

  • Light or Dark Mode:

    In the Themes section, you can switch between Light Mode and Dark Mode using the buttons at the top.

  • Select a Predefined Theme:

    Select Communities theme tab and scroll through the list of available themes. Click on a theme to preview it. Once you find a theme you like, it will automatically apply to your Communities interface.

Note: Themes are reflected only in Web and not mobile.

Creating a Custom Theme

As a group owner/admin, in the "Custom Themes" tab, users can customize various components of the group interface. For each mode i.e. Light Mode and Dark Mode, the admin will have to customise and Save the customisations separately.

Scroll through the list of available customisation options: 

What will change in your group
Sidebar Background
Background colour of the sidebar with top bar
Button colours
Surface elements and modals
Links and elements of selection(radio buttons/checkboxes).
Base of the interface
Primary Font
Main Context 
Secondary Font
Selected context
Fill colour
Hover colour
All borders
Error in interaction

Click on the colour swatches to open the colour picker or enter a hex code directly.

Make sure to click on SAVE so all your changes are reflected.

Group View after customisations:

Member View:

Group members will see the customised or chosen theme by the admin. Additionally, they can switch between Light or Dark Mode in Settings.