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Default Dashboards are your key to streamlining collaboration and ensuring that your team stays aligned with the most critical insights at all times. The default dashboard becomes the first thing your team members see when they navigate to the dashboard section, ensuring instant access to essential insights and metrics.


Step 1: Navigate to the Dashboard

  • Navigate to the dashboard you want to set as the default. This could be your main dashboard containing the most important metrics for your team.

Step 2: Click on the three-dot menu located in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Step 3: Set as Default Dashboard

Step 4: Confirm

Important Notes

  1. Permissions Required: Only users with Account Admin or Agency Roles with FULL access to a Dashboard can set default dashboards. To learn more about Dashboard Permissions, click here!
  2. Viewing Permissions: All team members must have at least VIEW permission for the dashboard to be set as default.
  3. Non-Deletable Default Dashboards: Once set as default, a dashboard cannot be deleted until another default dashboard is assigned.
  4. Distinguishing Default and Pinned Dashboards: Default dashboards serve as the primary landing page for all users, while pinned dashboards are personal favorites that individual users can access quickly.


If you are experiencing issues with your default dashboard being changed after this release, you can revert it back by following the above instructions.Please note that existing dashboards and widgets are not affected. We identified a bug post-release, but the patch has been deployed to address it. If you are still facing any issue, please reach out to our support team.