A sub-account transfer is the movement of a sub-account from one Agency (Releasing Agency) to another Agency (Receiving Agency). It is not a merge, we cannot merge the data of one sub-account and put it in another, nor can we transfer the sub-account partially (some data not other).


Steps to Transfer a Sub-Account to Another Agency (Send)

  1. Step-1: Go to Agency Level > Sub-Accounts. Go to Manage Client for the sub-account that needs to be transferred. 

  2. Step-2: Select Actions > Transfer Sub-account
  3. Step-3: Enter the Relationship Number of the agency that you need to transfer the sub-account to.
  4. Step-4: A request will be sent to the receiving agency upon confirming the action. The sub-account will be transferred as soon as the request is approved.
  5. Tracking: In order to track your sub-account transfer requests, go to Agency Level > Sub-Accounts. Select the Sub-account Transfers option. Navigate to the Send tab.
    Transfer requests can also be canceled by selecting 3-Dot Menu > Cancel Request.

From within the app, only one sub-account can be transferred at a time. To learn how to transfer sub-accounts in bulk, please reach out to support or check this out: Sub-Account Transfer FAQs

Steps to Receive a Sub-Account from Another Agency

  1. Step-1: The releasing agency needs to follow the above steps to raise a transfer request.
  2. Step-2: Once the request has been raised, you will get an email regarding the same. Click on the Review Request button.

    Alternatively, go to Agency Level > Sub-Accounts and select the Sub-account Transfers option.
  3. Step-3: On the Transfer Requests page, Approve the request. Sub-account will be transferred to your agency as soon as the request is approved.

What all information and assets are transferred over?

  • Websites and funnels will all be transferred.
  • GHL calendars will get transferred over.
    Note: The external calendar integrations will be disconnected.
  • All automation will be transferred over.
    Note: They will all be set to draft.
  • Contacts and their conversations, appointments, opportunities, and history will be transferred over.
  • All users with User Type 'Account', and only assigned to that particular sub-account and no other sub-account will be transferred.

IMPORTANT: What all information and assets are not transferred over?

  • All auth connections will be deleted (ex: Google, FB, Instagram, Quickbooks, Clio, DrChrono, Yext)
  • All Facebook and Google settings will be cleared
  • Sub-Account-level Stripe fields will be cleared
  • Any SaaS setting will not be transferred over.
    Note: SaaS mode will automatically be disabled before the transfer takes place.
  • Smartlists do not get transferred over with the sub-account currently
  • Mailgun/SMTP won't get transferred.
  • All active subscriptions like Wordpress, Yext, Whatsapp, Dedicated IP etc. won't get transferred. They'll have to be cancelled before the transfer can happen.

Phone Number Transfers

Both Agencies are on LeadConnector

  • If BOTH the releasing and receiving agencies along with the sub-account that needs to be transferred is on LC, then the phone numbers will automatically be transferred with the sub-account.
  • A2P DLC status will be retained. Sub-accounts do not need to again register the phone numbers that are already registered.
  • All the phone usage charges going forward will be accrued by the receiving agency.

Both Agencies are not on LeadConnector (Either one or Both are Twilio)

No phone numbers will be transferred over by HighLevel. It is your responsibility to work with the previous account owner as well as Twilio to move over any or all phone numbers that you may want to keep connected to the transferred sub-account.

Kindly reach out to HighLevel Support for any concerns.

Sub-Account Transfer FAQs

  1. Can I merge one Sub-Account with another?
    No. Sub-Account transfers are a movement of the entire sub-account, not a movement of just the data inside of it. This movement takes place from one agency to another.

  2. Can I transfer a HIPAA-enabled Sub-account?
    We can ONLY Transfer HIPAA-compliant sub-accounts if the Agency that you are wanting to transfer to ALSO has the HIPAA Compliance add-on package purchased from the HighLevel Marketplace.

  3. What is the prep that I have to do to the sub-account before transferring?
    • Set all users that you want to be transferred over are User Type ‘Account’ and only assigned to this specific sub-account being transferred. 
    • Set all campaigns, triggers, and workflows to ‘Draft’.
    • Any SaaS sub-account will need to have SaaS disabled.
    • All active subscriptions like Wordpress, Yext, Whatsapp, Dedicated IP etc. will have to be cancelled before the transfer is requested.

  4. What is the setup that I will need once the transfer is made?
    • You will need to reconnect all auth connections (ex: Google, FB, Quickbooks, Clio, DrChrono)
    • You will have to reintegrate Facebook and Google
    • You will have setup the sub-account-level Stripe
    • You will have to re-add LC Email, Mailgun/SMTP, and Twilio
    • You will have to make sure to set campaigns, triggers, and workflows to active.
    • You will have to re-add your domains
    • Any SaaS sub-accounts will have to have SaaS re-enabled.

  5. What can I do to transfer sub-accounts in bulk?
    You can request a bulk sub-account transfer by filling out the sub-account Requestor Form: