GoHighLevel offers robust tools for managing opportunities, enabling users to efficiently update information to keep pace with evolving sales processes. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the step-by-step process of editing opportunities in GoHighLevel, empowering you to streamline your sales workflow.

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Step 1: Accessing the Opportunities Section

  • Log in to your GoHighLevel account.
  • Navigate to the "Opportunities" section from the sidebar menu.

Step 2: Locating the Opportunity to Edit

  • Once you're in the Opportunities section, locate the opportunity you wish to edit.
  • You can use search filters or browse through the list of opportunities to find the specific one you need to update.
  • Click on the name or title of the opportunity to open its details page.

Step 3: Opening the Opportunity Details Page

  • In the opportunity details page, you'll find fields containing information about the opportunity.
  • Update any relevant details such as the contact's name, contact information, opportunity value, and opportunity source. 
  • You can also modify pipeline stages, owners, tags, or any other custom fields associated with the opportunity.

Step 4: Adding Notes and Attachments

  • If necessary, add new notes or additional information about the opportunity by clicking on the "Notes" option in the left sidebar.
  • All notes added here will also reflect in the corresponding contact's notes also. 

Step 5: Setting Tasks and Reminders

  • If there are specific tasks or follow-up actions associated with the opportunity, set tasks and reminders as needed by opening it from the sidebar.
  • Assign tasks to yourself or team members, specifying due dates and priority levels.
  • Similarly, you can also add appointments in the same way.
  • Tasks and appointments added this way will also reflect on the contact's end.

Step 6: Managing Pipeline Stages

  • Adjust the pipeline stage of the opportunity to reflect its current status in the sales process.
  • Move the opportunity through different stages as it progresses towards closure, updating its status accordingly.

Step 7: Managing Opportunity Status

  • Drag and drop the opportunity to any status as seen in the bottom to update it's status. 
  • Possible statuses for an opportunity are "Open", "Won", "Lost" and "Abandoned". Default status for a new opportunity is "Open".
  • Marking an opportunity lost also allows you to add a lost reason for the same.

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