Improved Email Template Customisation and Enhanced Notifications
Introducing a set of enhancements to Documents & Contracts which will provide businesses with more control over their communication processes. Here’s what’s new in this release:
Customisable Email Templates
Businesses can now personalise email templates for sending documents or signed copies to clients. Create templates that reflect your and communication style.
User-Friendly Settings
Access these customisation options within the Settings page under “Customer Notifications” and “Team Notifications” for a quick and hassle-free setup.
Default Team Notifications
Team notifications will now be sent to the business user who is sending the document by default. This keeps the sender informed
Dynamic Document Customization
Easily insert Document's custom values directly into the email content. This allows to include links, customer details, total amounts, and more in the email templates, making the communication engaging and informative.


Use the "Proposals" Custom Values when building an email

Here is how to add the proposal URL to an email