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  • Businesses will now be able to send as well as assign signature elements to multiple recipients instead of a single recipient inside the document
  • This also includes the functionality to assign the signature to the business user who is sending the document as well
  • Each recipient will receive a unique link that will allow them to sign only their respective portion of the document
  • Any recipient who has a signature field associated with them will be referred to as 
    and any contact that has been added to the document but does not have any signature field associated with them will be referred to as 
  • The signed PDF copy of the document along with the signature certificate will be generated after all the participants have signed/accepted the document
  • The signature certificate will capture information like IP address, location, viewed and signed date and time for all recipients who will sign the document
  • By default, the first added recipient will be treated as the Primary recipient of the document. This means that any custom fields will be populated according to the primary recipient's info and an invoice will also be created for the primary client after the document has been accepted/signed by all parties