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Before diving into the details of iCloud integration, it's essential to note a few key points:

  • The iCloud Calendar integration is specifically designed for Round Robin, Collective, Class Booking, and Service Calendar.
  • Two-way event syncs are possible with iCloud integration: events created in Highlevel can sync to iCloud, and events created in iCloud can sync to Highlevel.

iCloud Integration is not supported for Simple Calendars

Data Flow: Highlevel to iCloud

When events are created in Highlevel and synced to iCloud:

  • Any changes made in Highlevel will be reflected in the connected iCloud calendar for the user.
  • Any changes made in iCloud calendar will be reflected in the Highlevel calendar (excluding event deletions).

This ensures that events created or modified in the GHL app are seamlessly pushed to your iCloud calendar, and vice versa.

If an event is deleted in iCloud calendar then it is not updated on the Highlevel Calendar. This is a limitation with iCloud Integration.

Blocked off slot created in GHL calendar will not sync to iCloud

Data Flow: iCloud to Highlevel

When events are created in iCloud and pushed to Highlevel:

  • Any changes made in iCloud calendar will be reflected in the GHL calendar 
  • Any changes made in GHL calendar will be reflected in iCloud.

For example, if you create an appointment in iCloud, such as "Pick John from school," it will also be synced and shown in the GHL calendar, and any subsequent changes made in iCloud will be mirrored in the GHL Calendar application.

Important Information specifically for iCloud Integration

Contact creation from iCloud events to GHL is not supported. Which also means that all the events coming in from iCloud would be treated as Blocked Slots and not appointments.

If a Blocked Slot is created in the GHL calendar for a user, that would not sync to the iCloud Calendar

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