This article provides instructions for adding and configuring domains for a WordPress website. It is important to note that this article only intends for new WordPress installations made on or after March 31st, 2023.

Covered in this Article

How to add Domains to your WordPress website?

a) Adding new Root Domain as your primary Domain

b) Adding WWW domain as Primary for your WordPress site

c) Adding Sub-Domain to WP site:

How to add Domains to your WordPress website?

Adding a domain to a WordPress site is necessary to make the website accessible to the public through that Domain. A domain serves as the website's address, and visitors can use it to access the site.

The article provides step-by-step instructions for adding a primary domain, additional domains, and a root domain (also known as an apex domain or naked Domain) to a WordPress site.

It also highlights that users may need a staging domain before adding domains to their WordPress website to see how their Website looks before they attach their domain to it. It also provides specific instructions for users with a domain in GoDaddy.

a)  Adding new Root domain as your Primary Domain:

1) To add your first Root Domain (example:, click the add Domain or sub-domain button. Enter your Domain name and click on the 'Add Domain' Button. You will get two TXT and an A-Record.

2) Copy the Key and Value of the TXT and A-record. Configure the TXT records and A-record for your Domain in your DNS provider.

Please Note:

If you are using CLoudflare, please make sure to disable Cloudflare Proxy and switch the Proxy status to DNS only.

After inserting the TXT and A-record into your DNS provider, return to your WordPress dashboard, checkmark the please; I have added the above domain records in my domain provider's DNS settings checkbox, and then click on Verify Records.

3) Once configured the Domain will be set as your Primary Domain by Default.

b) Adding WWW domain as Primary for your WordPress site

1) While adding www version of root domain ( when ( is already added, you will get the below instruction. Configure the CNAME Key and Value generated with your DNS provider and the domain should work as expected.

2) In an alternative scenario when a user tries to add a root domain namely -, when there already is a domain existing as, the user will get an A-Record which they can configure in their DNS Provider


c) Adding Sub-Domain to WP site:

1) When a user tries to add a Sub-Domain, Configure the 2 TXT records and 1 CNAME generated with your DNS Provider.

2) Any additional domain will not be set as Primary by Default, and the user can opt to set it as Primary if required. 

3) You will see an unverified tag near the Domain for any added domain, but the DNS Verification is not yet done.

4. Click on DNS Settings to add your credentials to your domain hosting platform