Integrating Shopify with a HighLevel sub-account is a 2 Step process:

1. Create a Private App in your Shopify Store

2. Connect Shopify to your Account

Step-1: Create a Private App in your Shopify Store

Before we setup integration we need to create a private app in your Shopify store.

1.1    Login to your Shopify store and click on "Apps" in your dashboard

1.2 Then, click on "Manage private apps" on the bottom of the screen highlighted 

in the below picture

1.3 Then, click on "Enable private app development" 


(if you have already enabled this permission then Shopify will take you to Step-1.5)

1.4 After accepting the required info provided by Shopify, click on 

"Enable private app development"

1.5 Then, click on "Create private app"

1.6 Enter a name for the app (for example "Marvel's App") and enter your email. 

1.7 Then, click on "Show inactive Admin API permissions" and expand your options

1.8 Scroll down to the "Orders" and You will need to enable at the very least 

"Read access" permissions

1.9 Then, Scroll down to the "Products" and You will need to enable at the very 

least "Read access" permissions

1.10 Once you've enabled read access on "Orders and Product" permissions, save the 

app by clicking on the "Save" button on the top right and voilĂ  your App is ready to 

be integrated now!

1.11 The "Password" that you need for the Shopify integration can be found on the 

page that loads after clicking "Save" as in the image below. 

You can copy the "Password" by clicking on the clipboard icon

Step-2: Connect Shopify to your Account

2.1 In your Account go to Settings > Integrations and click on "Connect" under Shopify

2.2 Paste the "Password" you copied in Step-1.11, enter "Name of your Shopify store" 

an click "Connect"

2.3 Your Shopify integration is done!

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