The Call Reporting feature is available on the Agency Pro plan.

For most customized reports, please refer to our custom dashboards where you can add and modify custom widget to display metrics from key areas of HighLevel. More information on this feature is available in Custom Widgets help document.

You can access this report through the left-hand menu under "Reporting" > "Call Reporting" (top menu)

The report includes:

  • Call Reporting Overview: The call reporting tab provides essential insights into all interactions between your customers and team members, including both incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Tabs and Data Filtering: The tab has two main sections: incoming calls and outgoing calls. Users can filter the data by all numbers in their profile or specific individual numbers.

  • Widgets and Data Visualization:

    • Donut Chart: Displays the split of call statuses for incoming calls (missed, busy, answered).
    • First-Time Calls Widget: Shows the statuses of first-time incoming calls and their average and total durations.
    • Top Call Sources: Identifies where the calls are coming from (e.g., Google organic search, paid search) and provides details on total calls, deals won, and call duration.
  • Historical Data Table: A table that shows historical data of all calls, categorized by incoming and outgoing calls. Users can filter the table and view multiple call recordings for IVR calls using a dropdown.

  • Outgoing Calls Insights:

    • Call Status Split: Displays the status distribution of outgoing calls.
    • Top Agents: Highlights agents who made the most calls, including a unique count of leads contacted.
  • Customization and Export Options: Users can customize the columns they want to include in the CSV export to analyze the data in more detail.

  • Multi call recording for IVR: Users can select between different call recordings for IVR calls