The "Find Contact" action allows you to search for a contact with matching values in your database. This action is useful for locating specific contacts based on predefined criteria and ensuring that you can manage your interactions and communications effectively.

Action Name

Find Contact

Action Description

The "Find Contact" action enables you to search for a contact in your database using specified fields. If the contact exists, it can be used in subsequent workflow steps to ensure accurate and targeted interactions.

Action Details

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose the Action Type: Select "Find Contact" from the list of available actions.

  2. Name Your Action: Enter a descriptive name for the action, such as "Find Contact."
  3. Select Fields: Choose the fields that you want to use to search for the contact. You can select from standard fields or custom fields if any are available.

Configuration Table

Action NameEnter a name for your action, e.g., "Find Contact."Yes
FieldsSelect the fields to search for the contact.Yes

The "Find Contact" action supports the following fields:

Field NameDescription
Business NameThe name of the contact's business.
CityThe city where the contact is located.
Contact SourceThe source from which the contact was obtained.
Contact TypeThe type of contact (e.g., customer, lead).
CountryThe country where the contact is located.
Date of BirthThe contact's date of birth.
DNDDo Not Disturb status for the contact.
EmailThe contact's email address.
First NameThe contact's first name.
Full NameThe contact's full name.
Last NameThe contact's last name.
PhoneThe contact's phone number.
Postal CodeThe postal code where the contact is located.
StateThe state where the contact is located.
Street AddressThe street address where the contact is located.
TimezoneThe timezone of the contact.


Finding a Contact for Follow-Up Communication

Scenario: A sales team wants to find a contact in the CRM based on the business name provided in a recent web form submission, ensuring

that follow-up communication is sent to the correct contact.

Action Setup:

  • Action: Find Contact
  • Name: Find Contact by Business Name
  • Fields:
    • Business Name: Use the value from the web form submission to search for the contact.

Workflow Actions:

  1. Find Contact: Search for the contact in the CRM using the business name provided in the web form.
  2. Send Email: If the contact is found, send a follow-up email to the contact.
  3. Internal Notification: Notify the sales team about the follow-up action.

Outcome: This automation ensures that the sales team can quickly locate the correct contact based on the business name and initiate timely follow-up communication, improving response rates and customer engagement.