To setup an email for abandoned cart notifications, store owners can configure it as follows:

Step 1: Create a New Email Template

This can be accessed in: Marketing > Emails > Email Templates > "New" CTA. You can create from a Blank template or from a existing Template. 

Step 2: Add Shopping Cart element to your email template

In the Add element section, drag and drop shopping cart element to the email template. This will populate the abandoned cart items in this section.

Step 3: Add text to your Email

Custom values can also be added to the Email template where data will auto-populate. Post adding the details, save the email template.

Step 4: Choose the email saved template and apply

The last step is choosing the email template for sending the notifications. This can be implemented via: Payments > Notifications > Email Template > Choose the template. Also, setup the time duration after which the buyers receive the notifications.

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