The "Add to Workflow" action is used to automatically add a contact to a specified workflow. This is particularly useful for managing customer journeys, ensuring contacts are seamlessly transitioned to the next stage of engagement or process based on their interactions.

Action Name

Add to Workflow

Action Description

The "Add to Workflow" action allows you to add a contact to another specified workflow. This can be useful for moving contacts between different stages of your customer journey or different processes based on specific triggers. The option to pass input trigger parameters ensures that relevant data from the initial trigger is carried over to the new workflow.

Action Details

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Workflow Actions: Access the automation or workflow settings in your platform.
  2. Choose the Action Type: Select "Add to Workflow" from the list of available actions.
  3. Name Your Action: Enter a descriptive name for the action, such as "Add to Workflow."
  4. Select the Workflow: Choose the workflow to which the contact will be added.
  5. Pass Input Trigger Parameters (Optional): Enable this option to carry over data from the initial trigger to the new workflow.

Action NameEnter a name for your action, e.g., "Add to Workflow."Yes
Workflow SelectionSelect the workflow to which the contact will be added.Yes
Pass Input Trigger ParametersEnable this option to pass data from the initial trigger to the new workflow.No

Example: Appointment Booking Follow-Up

Scenario: A business wants to ensure that once a customer books an appointment, they are added to a follow-up workflow to prepare them for their appointment and ensure they are well-informed.

Action Setup:

  • Action: Add to Workflow
  • Name: Add to Appointment Follow-Up Workflow
  • Workflow Selection: Appointment booked
  • Pass Input Trigger Parameters: Enabled

Workflow Actions:

  1. Trigger: The customer books an appointment.
  2. Action: Automatically add the customer to the "Appointment Follow-Up" workflow.
  3. Follow-Up Workflow Actions: Send confirmation email, provide appointment details, and send reminders leading up to the appointment.

Outcome: This automation ensures that customers who book appointments are seamlessly transitioned into a follow-up workflow, receiving timely and relevant information about their upcoming appointment. This improves customer experience, reduces no-show rates, and ensures that customers are well-prepared for their appointments.