The "Email" action in your automation workflow is designed to send emails to your contacts. This feature allows you to communicate with your contacts in a personalized and timely manner.

Action Name

Send Email

Action Description

The "Send Email" action sends an email to a contact within your workflow. You can customize the email's content, subject line, sender details, and even include attachments to ensure your message is effective and personalized.

Action Details

The details for configuring the "Email" action are as follows:

Value NameDescriptionMandatory
Action NameThe name you assign to this action for easy identification in your workflow.Yes
From NameThe name that appears in the sender field of the email.Yes
From EmailThe email address from which the email is sent.Yes
SubjectThe subject line of the email.Yes
TemplatesThe email template used to format the email's content.No
Email BodyThe main content of the email, which can include personalized fields and dynamic content.Yes
Add AttachmentOption to attach files to the email.No
Test EmailsField to input email addresses for sending test emails before finalizing the action.No

Example: Sending a Booking Confirmation Email

Scenario: Your business wants to send a confirmation email to customers who book an appointment, providing them with the details of their booking.

Solution using the "Email" action:

Trigger: The workflow starts when a new booking is made.

Action 1: Email action to send a booking confirmation email.

Steps to Implement:

  • Add the Email action to your workflow after the booking trigger.
  • Set the Action Name to "Booking Confirmation Email".
  • Fill in the From Name with your company name, e.g., "My Company".
  • Fill in the From Email with your company email address, e.g., "".
  • Set the Subject to "Thank you for booking with us!".
  • Choose an appropriate email template from the Templates dropdown, if available.
  • Customize the Email Body with personalized content, using dynamic fields to include details like the contact's first name and booking information:
Hi {{contact.first_name}},

Thank you for booking with us! Here are your details:

Appointment Time: {{appointment.start_time}}
Appointment Date: {{appointment.only_start_date}}

  • Optionally, add an attachment if there are any relevant documents or files to include.
  • Before finalizing, you can send a test email by entering an email address in the Test Emails field and clicking "Send Test Mail".
  • Once satisfied with the configuration, click "Save Action" to activate the email in your workflow.

By setting up this "Email" action, you ensure that customers receive timely and personalized confirmation emails, enhancing their experience and providing them with important booking details.