The "Wait" action in your automation workflow is designed to hold a contact for a specific amount of time, until a certain condition is met, or until the contact responds. This allows for a more controlled and timely interaction with your contacts.

Action Name

Wait - Time Delay

Action Description

The "Wait" action holds a contact for a specific time duration, until a specified condition exists, or until the contact replies. This action is essential for creating delays in your workflow to ensure actions occur at the most appropriate times.

Action Details

The details for configuring the "Wait" action are as follows:

Value NameDescriptionMandatory
Action NameThe name you assign to this action for easy identification in your workflow.Yes
Wait ForThe type of wait you want to implement: Time Delay, Condition, or Contact Reply.Yes
WaitThe duration to wait, specified in minutes, hours, or days.Yes
Advanced Wait OptionsAllows you to set more granular conditions for the wait period.No
Resume OnThe specific days on which the wait period can resume (e.g., Mon, Tue, etc.).No
Resume Between HoursThe time window within the day when the wait period can resume.No
Additional FilterAdditional criteria that must be met before resuming the action.No

Welcoming a New Customer

When a new customer signs up on your company's registration page, it's an excellent opportunity to make a positive first impression. More customers mean more business, right?

Why not send them a warm welcome email to make them feel valued and happy about their decision?

This automation workflow ensures that a welcome email is sent to every new customer who signs up for your business. Here’s how it works:

Trigger: The automation initiates when a new contact is created.

Wait: Add a wait period to delay the email, allowing it to be sent a day after the sign-up instead of immediately.

Send Email: Send the customer a personalized welcome email, making them feel special and appreciated.