LeadConnector displays payment methods dynamically if business users have Stripe connected as their default payment provider for processing payments across the system.

The following payment methods are supported as of today

  1. Cards
  2. Apple Pay
  3. Google Pay
  4. ACH Direct Debit
  5. Affirm
  6. Klarna
  7. AfterPay

We use different configurations with Stripe to display payment methods across different channels. And since there are more payment methods to be added here continuously, this help document outlines the steps to turn on/off specific payment methods as per use cases.

Sub-account users need to navigate to their Stripe dashboard for specifically turning on/off payment methods to display. Navigate to Settings -> Connect -> Payment methods -> Your account to see the list of payment methods activated by LeadConnector.

Remember to select LeadConnector configurations in the dropdown here since there can be more platforms your Stripe account is connected to. Refer to the image below

Now, there will be 4 configurations available with LeadConnector here. This basically allows managing payment methods for 4 different kinds of channels that we provide on our end

  1. Invoice - Used for one time invoices or recurring invoices with auto payments turned off and Text2Pay links - Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH Direct Debit, Affirm, Klarna and AfterPay turned on by default
  2. InvoiceWithAutopayment - Used for recurring invoices with auto-payments enabled - Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and ACH Direct Debit turned on by default
  3. Store - Used for payment methods on online stores on websites - Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Affirm, Klarna and AfterPay turned on by default
  4. Default - Used everywhere else like 1-step and 2-step order forms, payment links, memberships and communities - Cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay turned on by default

Business users will be able to select a configuration and turn on/off specific payment methods from the list above. To turn off a specific payment method, select the right configuration followed by selecting the payment method and you will be seeing an option to turn it off

Keep a check on this help article to see the further updates for configurations and payment methods in each configuration. Some of the payment methods will be seen as blocked since those payment methods are yet to be enabled on our end to support in all connected accounts.