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The statistics is your  key to understanding campaign performance over a chosen period of time. If enabled, it will help you dive deep into clicks, orders, and other interactions to gain strategic insights into your marketing efforts. 

In this article, we'll explore the metrics of each section to help you make informed decisions and drive success with your campaigns.

How to use Statistics?

  1. Ensure that you have enabled this in Beta under settings

  2. Navigate to Email Marketing.

  3. Click on Campaigns.

  4. Select the Statistics option.

  5. Choose the date range: last 7 or 30 days.

  6. For performance trend analysis, select the relevant metric from the dropdown in the Performance Analysis section

Details for individual sections

  • Conversion Summary: Quickly see important numbers like how many orders were placed, the total revenue earned, the rate at which orders were made, and the average order value. This gives you a snapshot of how well your campaigns are driving sales.

  • Engagement Summary: Get an easy-to-understand overview of how people are interacting with your emails. See how many emails were sent, how many were opened, how many recipients clicked on links, and how many actually made a purchase. It's like a funnel that shows you where people drop off and where they take action. We are showing unique clicks and opens made by your contacts irrespective of how many times they open or click the campaign.

  • Performance Analysis: Track how different metrics change over time. See trends in metrics like how many emails were sent, how many were opened, how many were clicked, and how many people unsubscribed. This helps you understand if your campaigns are improving or if you need to make adjustments.
    How to switch between metrics?
    Click on the drop down to analyze trends of chosen metrics over the period of time.

  • Top Performing Emails: Discover which emails are bringing in the most revenue. Easily identify the top 5 emails that are driving sales so you can learn from their success and replicate it in future campaigns.

  • Recent Email Analysis: Dive into the details of your most recent emails. Access the 10 most recent emails sent out for a thorough analysis. This allows you to see how your latest campaigns are performing and make any necessary tweaks for better results.These sections are designed to give you clear and actionable insights into your email campaigns, helping you make informed decisions to boost your marketing efforts.