The conversion metric is a vital tool to gauge how effectively your marketing campaigns contribute to revenue generation. An essential element of this metric is the attribution window, representing the timeframe when a customer's action is linked to a specific marketing touchpoint.

Attribution Window Customization:

  • Default: Our system uses a 5-day attribution window for email campaigns.

  • Customize: Easily adjust the window in your account's email settings to match your business needs.

Steps to Customize:

  1. Navigate to the email marketing section.

  2. Access email settings.

  3. Adjust the attribution window as per your preferences.

Why 5 Days?

Research suggests subscribers forget emails after 5 days, aligning with industry insights and ensuring a more accurate reflection of campaign impact.

Understanding Email Attribution:

Let's explore how email attribution works through an illustrative example, using the default 5-day attribution window.

  • Day 1: Send an email to your subscriber.

  • Day 3: Subscriber opens the email with a product offering.

  • Day 4: Subscriber revisits and makes a purchase.

In this scenario, revenue is attributed to the email campaign because the purchase occurred within the 5-day attribution window. However, it's crucial to note that if the customer were to make the purchase on day 10, it would not be attributed to the original email.

Attribution Style: Customizing Your Analysis

  • All Campaigns (Default): Attributions default to all campaigns for a comprehensive overview.

  • Product Element Specific: Choose to attribute conversions exclusively to product-centric campaigns.

How to Customize Attribution Style:

  • Navigate to Email marketing.

  • Access settings.

  • Easily toggle between "All Campaigns" and "Product Element Specific" based on your preferences.


Customizing the attribution window and style enhances your campaign analysis. With flexibility in duration and focus, our platform empowers data-driven decisions for optimized performance. Experiment, stay informed, and see your marketing efforts yield meaningful results.