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  • Businesses will now be able to create proposal and estimate templates. This will enable quick and easy sending of documents and will also enable automatically sending the document in a workflow using the same templates created
  • Users will be able to convert any existing document created into a template using the 
    Convert to Template
     action and give an appropriate name to it for future references
  • Templates can contain all information related to your proposal/estimate apart from the recipient information
  • Users will also be able to assign signature elements to themselves inside the templates in case one of the signees is a business user in every proposal/estimate they send to a potential client
  • All templates will be listed on the Templates page under Proposals and Estimates. Quick actions on the templates page will enable the use of the template
  • Users will be able to modify, rename, or delete the templates at any point in time

Businesses will be able to make use of the same templates created to automatically send proposals/estimates inside a workflow

  • Businesses will now be able to configure the 
    Send Proposal/Estimate
     action inside the workflows to automatically send a document based on a trigger
  • Users will be able to make use of the templates created inside the Proposals and Estimates module to define the document details that need to go out to the customer.
  • Business users will be able to configure the action name, select the From User to define the sender details and choose a template from one of the templates created inside Proposals and Estimates
  • The default/custom template configured inside the proposal and estimate settings will be used automatically to send the document from workflows as well
  • This fulfills use cases like automatically sending proposals after opportunity status is changed, or a tag is attached to a contact, or using any other trigger
  • This will also allow achieving the use case where the business wants to send out proposals to potential clients with one signature field attached to one of the business users and the other for the potential client. They can create proposal templates with a signature element assigned to the business user and leave the unassigned signature element will automatically get assigned to the potential lead