Use a filter to segregate and view specific data on your opportunity board. Filters support both standard and custom fields

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Creating a Filter


Filters can be accessed by clicking the filter icon in the top right corner of the opportunities board. Multiple filters can be applied at the same time in two different configurations (explained below)

Filter Conditions

Two types of filter conditional logic are possible: AND and OR

  • AND - Every condition must be met for each opportunity
  • OR - At least one condition must be met for each opportunity

These filter conditions can be changed using the toggle on the top right of the filter right sidebar


Filter Types

The filters are divided into 2 groups:
  1. Standard Filters - Based on opportunity activity and standard fields
    1. Owner
    2. Status
    3. Campaign Type
    4. Last Stage Change
    5. Created on
    6. Updated on
    7. Lead Value
    8. Opportunity won on
    9. Opportunity lost on
  2. Custom Filters - Filters for Custom fields in opportunities (except File Upload and Signature Field)