The Wordpress Plugin and Theme Management feature provides to user a holistic view of all the plugins and themes installed in their Wordpress site. This feature enables a user to perform the following actions:

  • View all the installed Plugins and Themes
  • Activate or Deactivate a Plugin or Theme
  • Delete a Plugin or Theme
  • Update a Plugin or Theme to the latest version

Covered in this Article:

  1. View installed Plugins and Themes
  2. Update Plugins and Themes
  3. FAQ's

View installed Plugins and Themes:

Login to GHL Account and switch to Location. Go to Sites -> WordPress -> Plugins/Themes. 

The current version of the Plugin or theme is shown in the installed version column. The latest version available for update if any can be viewed in the installed version column for all the active Plugins and Theme.

Update Plugins and Theme:

To update any plugin or theme, click on the edit icon in the Action column.

The User can update the active plugins and theme to the latest version available. Also the user can choose to activate/deactivate or delete a plugin and click on the change status button to proceed.


1. Can I update the Plugin and Theme to the Version of my choice?

No. The updation happens to the Latest version available.

2. Can i Downgrade the Version of Plugin or Theme?

No. The plugins and themes cannot be restored to the older version.

3. Can I manage the Plugins and Themes from WordPress Dashboard directly as well?

Yes. you can continue to handle plugins and themes through WordPress.