Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising where you pay someone else to promote/refer your product or service. Referrals are like layups in basketball and if leveraged correctly are extremely satisfying and powerful.  

An affiliate is someone who promotes a campaign by sharing their unique affiliate link with the leads interested in your product/service. The person who promotes the product gets paid when they sell it, and you get paid when they do.

Please note:

There is no system generated email when a new affiliate is added. The ONLY time an affiliate recieves a system generated email is once the campaign is published/live. The email will contain their unique URL Affiliate ID which they will use when promoting the product/service.

Please see here for more details

Covered in this article:

What is an affiliate?

How to add or upload an Affiliate?

How to check the progress of an affiliate across all or one campaign

How to check the progress of an affiliate across all or one campaign

How to get the Affiliate-id for each Affiliate Manager Campaign

Click on the 'Affiliate Manager' drop-down tab > Click on Affiliate > Scroll down and click on the 'affiliate name' > Toggle between campaigns to see unique Affiliate ID per campaign

Please note:

Development will be adding more tools to the affiliate enviroment. Please add any idea to the ideas board. To provide any feedback within the app please click the feedback button located within the affiliate manager dashboard:

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