Custom Values allow you to add specific pieces of information related to a contact in the CRM. Once a Custom Field has been added to the system, it will appear in every contact detail page. You can use these Custom Fields to keep track of information that's specific to the business and also use them as reference points in other areas like emails, text messages, notes, and more. 

To create a Custom Field, first go to "Settings" > "Custom Fields."

Here you will see a list of the standard fields that are included with each sub-account and any Custom Fields that have already been added. Note: Custom Fields are created within a sub-account and not shared between other sub-accounts.

Click the "Add Field" button at the top right of the screen and select the field type you'd like to use. 

Next, add the required information into the input boxes, including "Name," "Group," and the "Option Name" and "Option Value" if you are adding a Custom Field type with multiple options.. Then, click "Save"