The Sub Account Affiliate Manager allows you to add manual sales for affiliates, providing a flexible way to track and credit sales that may not be captured automatically. Follow the steps below to add manual commissions for an affiliate



Step 1: Open Sub Account Affiliate Manager

  • Navigate to the Sub Account Affiliate Manager from your dashboard.

Step 2: Open Affiliate Page

  • Go to the Affiliate Page where all your affiliates are listed.

Step 3: Select the Affiliate

  • Find and select the affiliate for whom you want to add manual sales.

Step 4: Open Affiliate Profile

  • On the Affiliate Profile page, scroll down to the Table tab.

Step 5: Add Manual Commissions

  • Under the Commission section, click on Add Manual Commissions.

Step 6: Search for Lead and Customer

  • In the pop-up window, search for the lead or customer associated with the manual sale.

  • If the customer does not exist, you can click on Add as Lead to create a new lead.

Step 7: Confirm Details

  • In the Add Manual Commissions pop-up, confirm the affiliate's name and the customer's name.

Step 8: Enter Transaction Revenue

  • Enter the revenue amount for the transaction.

Step 9: Optional: Add Transaction Date

  • Optionally, add the date when the transaction happened. Please note that commissions will be generated according to this date. By default, today's date is used.

Step 10: Optional: Add Invoice or Reference Number

  • Optionally, enter an invoice or reference number in the Event ID field for future reference.

Step 11: Submit

  • Click Submit to save the manual transaction. The commission will be automatically added, and the product tag will show manual commissions.