The Affiliate Portal now offers enhanced functionality, providing affiliates with powerful tools to streamline their operations. Affiliates can access an updated interface featuring a card view of campaigns and vital metrics like Leads, Customers, and Commissions. Additionally, they have the ability to delve into campaign details, customize Referral URLs with personalized IDs, and gain more autonomy in managing their details. These improvements enable affiliates to optimize their performance and maximize commissions.



Dashboard/Campaign Page

Affiliates can view all the campaigns they are added to with the following details
  1. Important Metrics: Get an eagle-eye view of key metrics like Leads, Customers, and Commissions, empowering affiliates to track their performance and identify areas for improvement.

  2. Campaign Details: Access a summary of affiliate campaign settings, including default commissions, product-based commissions, and payout terms.
  3. Referral URL: Affiliates can now view the complete URL.
  4. Customizable Referral ID: Affiliates can now personalize Referral URLs with custom IDs to suit their preferences.