For Affiliate Managers, the Dashboard provides streamlined access to crucial metrics and insights, easy affiliate management and efficient campaign optimization


Quick CTAs

Click on the New button to create campaigns or affiliates within the dashboard page

Campaign Picker

Either choose All Campaigns to get an aggregate view or choose specific campaigns to see the insights

Core metrics

Total Revenue, Total Customers and Conversion Percentage.

Conversion Trend

Dive into detailed insights with the Conversion Trend line graph, showcasing lead and customer trends for your campaigns.

Affiliate Leaderboard

Keep an eye on your top 10 affiliates based on revenue, commissions, leads, or customers.

Pending Actions

Get a quick view of pending payouts and commissions, ensuring you stay on track. Click on Pending payouts to quickly navigate to the payouts page.

Latest Updates

Stay in the loop with the latest affiliates added and the most recent commissions, complete with all the important details and actions. Levrage the ability to approve deny commissions within the dashboard.