Ensure consistency with your websites' typography by adding Google fonts to your emails. This option provides better design options to elevate your emails.

Things to know before you start adding google fonts to your email.

Using Google Fonts can help make sure that your emails look like they belong with your website or online store. But not all devices and email services will show these fonts the same way.

Here are some email services where Google Fonts might not work well:

  • Gmail on the web, iPhone, Android, and the web browser version
  • Outlook on Macs, iPhones, Android phones, and Outlook.com
  • Yahoo Mail

    How to Use It::rocket:
  • Navigate to the email builder section of our platform.
  • Open an existing email campaign or template, or start a new one.
  • Select a text element within your design.
  • Choose the font selector option.
  • Click on "Add fonts."
  • Select the desired font from the drop down in the modal
  • Select the desired font and save it by clicking on "Add font".
  • The font will now be available in the font selector for every builder.
  • Additionally, the font can be managed from the settings page
    To delete a font, simply click on "Delete" from settings.
  • To add a font from settings, click on the "Add font" section and follow same process.