This guide will assist you in integrating PayPal Payouts API with GHL, allowing you to swiftly pay your affiliates directly from our platform. Please note that currently Auto payouts only supports Paypal.


  1. A PayPal Business Account.
  2. Payouts must be enabled for your PayPal account. We'll guide you through the process below.


Step 1: Access PayPal Developers Page

  • Go to the PayPal Developers page and log in to the developer dashboard by clicking the "Log into dashboard" link at the top-right corner.

Step 2: Enable Payouts

  • Access "My account" from the top right corner. Scroll down to the "Permissions" table.

  • Check if "Payouts" has a green checkmark under the Live column or "Enable" option. If it's not enabled, click "Enable" and follow the prompts. Typically, you'll need to contact PayPal to enable Payouts API for your account

Step 3: Create App on PayPal

  • Click on "Apps and Credentials" from the menu. Then, click on the "Live" button and proceed to "Create app.Enter "GHL payouts" as the App name and click "Create app."

  • If you already have an App created, you can skip this step.

Please Note : If you see "Live/Sandbox" on top right after creating the app, make sure "Live" is selected.

Step 4: Obtain App Details

  • After creating the app, you will see the required details (Client ID and Secret key 1) for connecting GHL to PayPal.

Step 5: Connect GHL and PayPal

  • Navigate to GHL's Payment Integration page.

  • Scroll down to Paypal, click on "Manage," and add your Live Client ID and Secret ID.

  • You can follow the same integrate to add Test/Sandbox credentials as well, just make sure to switch to "Sandbox" on the paypal "Apps and Credentials" page. Once created, paste the sandbox credentials on GHL Payments Integration page in the Sandbox Card

By following these simple steps, you'll successfully integrate PayPal Payouts API with GHL for seamless affiliate payments. Click here to learn how to pay Affiliates using Paypal Auto Payouts.

How to hide Paypal from Funnel/Website's order forms?

After integrating paypal to your account, a paypal button gets automatically added to the order forms on funnels/website. If you only want to use Paypal for affiliat payouts and hide the paypal options from order forms, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Funnel/Website where you want to hide the Paypal button
  2. Switch to the Settings tab
  3. Paste the below code in Head tracking Code
    .paypal-content {
      display: none;
    .order-form-v2 > div > .divider {
      display: none;

  4. Click on save.