Seamlessly track leads from Forms, Surveys, and Calendars in your affiliate campaigns. Follow these simple steps to get started

Please Note : Currently GHL only supports lead tracking for campaigns with forms, calendars and surveys. So Users will not be able to define commission settings for such campaigns


Step 1: Navigate to the Affiliate Campaign Page

  • Head over to Affiliate Manager under Marketing and click on the Campaign Page.

Step 2: Click on Add

  • Once on the Campaign Page, click on the 'Add' button to create a new campaign.

Step 3: Choose Sources

  • Select Forms, Surveys, or Calendars as the source for your campaign. 

Step 4: Select Source Details

  • Use the dropdown menu to specify the details of your chosen source.

Step 5: Review Default Affiliate Campaign URL: 

  • Take a moment to review the default affiliate campaign URL.

Please Note: If no branded domain is added for the account, the affiliate campaign URL will pick the default domain. Users can add their own branded domain in Settings -> Business Profile -> Branded Domain. Once added, the new domain will automatically reflect in all affiliate campaign URLs.
Here you can see the default domain being used for the URL

Head over to settings to add your own Branded Domain

Once Added, Affiliate Campaign URLs will update and use the Branded Domain

Step 6: Optional Steps

  • Add campaign descriptions, assign affiliates, and review additional settings as needed.

Step 7: Publish the Campaign:

  • Once you're satisfied with the campaign settings, hit the 'Publish' button to make the campaign live.

Step 8: Track Leads:

  • After the campaign is live, you can track leads under each affiliate profile page. Utilize the Source field in the Leads tab to get an overview of leads coming from forms, surveys, calendars, etc.

Important Note

Custom Embed/Iframes are not supported for lead tracking. Forms, surveys, or calendars must be added as components inside a funnel/webpage to enable tracking. When creating pages in a funnel, ensure forms, surveys, or calendars are added as components before using the funnel as a source in the affiliate campaign. Custom code embeds and iframes are not supported for lead tracking in affiliate campaigns.