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Step 1: Navigate to the Affiliate Page:

  • Navigate to the Affiliate page under Affiliate Manager in Marketing.

Step 2: Select the Affiliate:

  • Click on the Affiliate under which you want to add the Sub-Affiliate.

Step 3: Switch to Sub-Affiliate Tab:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Affiliate details page.

  • Switch to the  "Sub-Affiliate" tab.

Step 4: Add Sub-Affiliate:

  • Within the Sub-Affiliate tab, click on  "Add Sub-Affiliate" button.

Step 5: Choose Campaign:

  • Select the desired campaign from the dropdown.
  • By default, the first campaign where the Parent Affiliate was added will be selected.

Step 6: Select Sub-Affiliates to Add:

  • Click on the profile or name you want to add as a Sub-Affiliate. 
  • The Sub-Affiliate will get added to the "Existing Sub-Affiliate" list

Step 7: Remove Existing Sub-Affiliate (Optional):

  • If you need to remove an existing Sub-Affiliate, click on their profile/name in the "Existing Sub-Affiliate" list, to remove them from the list.

Step 8: Add New Sub-Affiliate Profile (Optional):

  • If the desired Sub-Affiliate is not already present on the platform, you have the option to add them.

  • Click on the "Add Affiliate" button to create and add a new profile directly.

Step 9: Save