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The new Affiliate Profile Page offers users a consolidated view of affiliate details and performance metrics, facilitating efficient affiliate management. This feature enhances user experience by providing a centralized location to access key information and perform various affiliate-related tasks.

Key Components

Affiliate Details:

View essential information such as email ID, join date, parent affiliate (if any), and a magic link for the Affiliate's portal.

Affiliate Stats:

Review key metrics including revenue generated, owed payouts, number of leads, and new customers.

Campaign Insights:

  • Insights into campaign participation and summary metrics like commissions and payouts.
  • Filter by indivisual campaigns or view the aggregate summary and insights for all campaigns for the affiliate
  • Toggle to show deleted and inactive campaigns

Direct Campaign Assignment:

Assign affiliates to new campaigns directly from the affiliate's profile

Active Referral Links:

  • List all referral links for the affiliates across different campaigns.
  • Users can easily customize referral IDs for different campaigns if required.

Commissions Tab:

  • Manage commissions, including options for approval and denial.
  • Quick buttons to Approve and Deny commissions.
  • Option to add commissions manually for the affiliate.

Leads Tab:

  • Allow users to review and delete leads as needed, enhancing lead management capabilities.
  • Option to add leads for the selected affiliate

Customers Tab:

Provide access to a list of customers and their commission history.


Track payouts with filtering options by status, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Sub-Affiliate List:

Display all sub-affiliates associated with the selected affiliate, providing insights into affiliate network structure.